Cover page for Rex Magazines

I have a special honor and privilege to share my photo featured on the cover of not one, but six June Rex Magazines releases for this year!

Photo by Predrag Vuckovic

About Rex Magazines

Rex Magazines is the publishing division of Rex Support BV and was born in 2008 when two independent entrepreneurs in the VINEX district of Rotterdam-Nesselande decided to release a 'leaf', and have since become a renowned publisher of regional lifestyle magazines. The objective was to offer this VINEX neighborhood under construction added value, something fun. A nice magazine with paid advertisements and interviews so that at least the costs for distribution and printing would be covered. The other costs such as acquisition, layout, editing and photography were done by the two entrepreneurs 'for free'. The 'leaflet' we are talking about was named Nesselande Living and was distributed free door-to-door to the residents of Rotterdam-Nesselande.