Predrag Vučković - Extreme Photographer

Predrag Vuckovic was born on 17 February 1973 in Belgrade where he officially lives today. Constant traveling all around the world has contributed to his entering into the world of photography. It all started  on an amateur level when he was taking photographs solely as a treat, whereas later it turned into professionalism and serious business.
Officially he has been dealing with photography since 1989 when he started with film camera creating a world of marvelous still images. At the same time his main preoccupation was taking part in the majority of extreme sports. That combination of skills has given him access to some of the most exciting and unusual photographic shoots ever seen.
In 1999 his life started moving in a totally different direction due to the opening of his fitness club EXTREME GYM. Exercise and fitness became one of his main preoccupations and he started being active in these disciplines.
In 2002 he founded an agency for marketing and publishing and started to publish the bodybuilding, fitness and lifestyle magazine X-FITNESS.
Since he has always felt certain attachment to extreme sports, in 2006 conditions were established for starting the magazine X-SPORTS which includes about thirty extreme sports, adventures, challenges and actions. In 2010 Extreme Canyoning Team was founded specialized in outdoor and canyoning activity with group touring guidance.
Through publishing X-FITNESS and X-SPORTS magazines the existing agency transformed into EXTREME MEDIA company, which today deals with preparing various advertisements in many other magazines, photographing a number of celebrities and communicating with the public through the shots Predrag Vuckovic creates.
In his career so far Predrag Vuckovic photographed over 400 different sports events in more than 60 countries with the world's best athletes and greatest celebrities. His style and approach to the modern way of photographing are taking him apart from other world's photographers. His specialties are photo shootings extreme sports, underwater and water photography, adventures, aerials, expeditions, actions, advertising and lifestyle! He is one of the few official RED BULL International photographers, which enables him to photograph some of the most extreme projects and competitions. Adrenalin and the ability to do something that others can not in extreme sports always pulls him to go ahead and push the boundaries of photography.
His pics have been published in more than 500 magazines and numerous newspapers and websites all over the world. Almost every single press agency published some of his images and in this moment he have more than 300 registered cover pages!​