When you look at this poster and see your photo on it, then you know that you have already been there and that you were part of something that will remain behind us forever. I am especially proud of the many photos from the Xross Hard Enduro Rally because each of them tells a great story of all of us who have been participating in the creation of this magnificent event for years.

The 10th edition of the Xross Hard Enduro Rally is now in the history books, living up to its reputation as the Serbian Hard Enduro thriller. Over five scorching days, riders battled intense heat and tough terrains across Tara, Mokra Gora, and Zlatibor mountains. This event, the 3rd stop of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, showcased the world’s best hard enduro riders, with Wade Young emerging as the Xross champion!

I have been part of this race since its beginning, missing only one event in its 10-year history. I am happy and honored to have been part of its growth from the one and only hard enduro race in Serbia to the first event in Serbian motorsports history that has been part of the World Championship. Shooting the best hard-enduro riders in action in my country has been a true privilege. The event gathered nearly 250 riders from 40 countries.

Just because I have done it this long and it is in my home country doesn’t mean it gets easier. In fact, the mountains have always had new surprises in store for us all.  Scorching heat, dust, and beautiful but wild nature made this year’s event even more challenging and spectacular for riders and photographers. The dynamic and action we saw and capture with our camera are amazing.

The adrenaline-fueled action of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship’s third round kicked off on Wednesday with the qualification round – the Akrapovic Prologue – a demanding course with obstacles in the center of Zlatibor. Unbelievably hot weather messed up riders who felt exhausted and dizzy, yet they stubbornly tackled obstacles such as huge logs, tires, and stone pits. In the thrilling Akrapovic Prologue Finals, we saw the best 16 riders in each class going for the fastest lap, leaving the audience in awe and clouds of dust. Britain Mitch Brightmore was the fastest guy that day, and rightfully, he stood on the highest spot on the podium. Next to him was his brother Ashton Brightmore in the 2nd and Bulgarian Teodor Kabakchiev in the 3rd spot.

After the thrilling Prologue, riders were set to tackle the 100-kilometer challenge on the first Off-Road day. And what a day it was—packed with fierce battles and heart-pounding action. The scorching heat took its toll on the competitors, but the dry track allowed blistering speeds. South African rider Wade Young emerged as the star of the day, blazing through the course to finish as the fastest rider. Hot on his heels were Michael Walkner and Teodor Kabakchiev.

The second off-road day brought an unexpected turn of events. Young and Kabakchiev battled for first place, with Walkner close behind. However, seemingly out of nowhere, starting from the 16th position, Graham Jarvis overtook the lead and won the race. He totally lived up to his nickname, the Silent Assassin. Using his vast experience and unmatched skills, Jarvis masterfully overtook the lead, crossing the finish line 19 seconds ahead of Young, with Kabakchiev finishing third.

On the last day, riders had to deal with another hot day and 80km of tracks through Zlatibor. Young and Kabakchiev had intense head-to-head battles during the race, overpassing each other multiple times.

Although Kabakchiev crossed the finish line first, Wade Young won because he had the best timing after three combined days. The Bulgarian rider had to settle for second place, while Austrian Michael Walkner was third.

The dust and heat that we had this year changed a lot of things for the photographers as well. Due to dry weather, some locations looked completely different, so the scenery has changed compared to last year. We also had lots of new tracks. Likewise, rivers, streams, and pools were scarce with water, and dry land gave riders a good grip, so they were faster and left dusty clouds behind them. Those dust clouds gave a new note, making riders in that particular ambiance even more spectacular.

The heat also took its toll on the photo crew because it was challenging for riders, and it was the same for us. We had difficulty getting up certain hills and locations carrying out all the equipment. Yet, at the end of the day, I am satisfied with what we achieved: thousands of photos documenting this event and the spectacular fight of a man on a bike against the wild nature and its obstacles.

I would like to thank the Xross Team for all these years of cooperation, but first of all, friendship and incredible atmosphere at the event.