Plane Swap – Elroy / USA

Photographs that leave a historical mark behind are something that every photographer strives for. Honor and privilege in my case are always in the first place when I get an invitation for suc...

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Mares Catalog Cover Page

It is a real pleasure to get one more cover page. This time it is a catalog for MARES and their segment of Canyoning and Rafting. This is the first cover page with my selfie photo, so it is ve...

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Cover Page for Magazine Odbrana

As I already mentioned for my previous photo shooting with scuba divers of the 72nd Special Forces Brigade "The most interesting things are always the ones that are inaccessible and untouchabl...

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Cover Page for Magazine Odbrana

The most interesting things are always the ones that are inaccessible and untouchable to most of people. This is exactly how this underwater photo shooting was, because the army has its own ru...

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Cover Page for Vocatus Magazine

It is always a great reward and honor for my work to be published as a cover page of a magazine, especially a photo taken from such an exciting and unique photographic journey as this one! Thi...

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Red Bulletin Cover Page

Every front cover page always has it's special value and that value is definitely greater in today's time of internet and social media. Magazines are unfortunately slowly fading away, but ther...

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Cover Page for Vertical Magazine

Aerial photography is one of my specialties and it brings a special pleasure to see my photo that I took for the New York "Inverted Helicopter" project on the cover page for the world's larges...

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Cover Page for Rex Magazines

With drone technology getting more popular, it brings forth great new opportunities and undiscovered perspectives to the world of aerial photography that are reap for exploring! Capturing beac...

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Cover Page for Sacrs Magazine

It's always great to see photos on the cover of the magazines, especially in today's times when social networks are dominant, and magazines are slowly disappearing. This time it's wonderful to...

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