I am pleased to announce that the picture of Wade Young taken last year during the Red Bull Romaniacs, was used for the official promotional poster and media campaign for Red Bull Romaniacs 2014. This is for me 7th year in a row that I am working as official photographer of this such amazing event!

During the photoshooting of the toughest Hard Enduro Rallye on earth you can expect almost anything. There are lots of heavy moments that includes rain, dust, mud, wind, sun, rocks, blood and sweat. The riders go through the worst of these moments, but if you want to describe in details this race on your photos you must be prepared to go through the biggest part of the track along with the competitors. Good planning and preparations are crucial here, but same is for any other demanding photoshooting. Thanks to the team that cooperates with me for the last 7 years, it is my pleasure to always come back to the Carphatian Mountains.

This kind of event is a challenge for every photographer from amateurs to skilled professionals. The possibilities are endless hence I plan to return to the photoshooting where the equipment, physical strength, experience and knowledge matter altogether, and that is what can guarantee you some unique images of enduro/motocross riders in original location and unbelievable situations.

As a playground, there have been 800 kilometers of mostly mountainous tracks laid out, legally cleared, marked and made accessible for rescue-measures and support and total 314 persons were working for the sake of 118 riders and their assistance crew members.

Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth.
4 days of competition along a difficult and enthralling course, which leads through the Southern Carpathian Mountains and redefines the meaning of “Extreme Enduro”. The Rally is tailored for ultimate offroad and Enduro fun – combined with challenges that bring the participants of each individual class (Hobby Single, Hobby Team, Expert Single, Expert Team, PRO) to their limits. Due to these challenges and the difficulty level, high abandon rates are common. Therefore: To FINISH is to be a WINNER.

The track is unfolding along well-chosen mountain areas, rocky grounds, hills and valleys; tarmac is avoided as much as possible. Despite the tough challenges, all competitors agree that the Red Bull Romaniacs is one of the most beautiful Enduro races. The breathtaking countryside, the Romanian hospitality and the fact, that it is a race from riders for riders, make every event a long lasting memory for participants and fans alike. The daily distances covered range from 100km to 200km.