Photoshooting on the Pacific Ring of Fire was totally new experience for me and Philippines are more beautiful than I heard from the stories before I came to this place on the far east of the globe. Amazing archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is deffinetly a location every person should visit once in a lifetime. With an estimated population of about 94 million people, the Philippines is the world’s 12th most populous country, and the capital city Manila is one of the sixteen cities forming Metro Manila. Since the weather is mostly hot and humid we had a little trouble at first adapting to those conditions, but the hospitality of our hosts and kind people was more than eneough to forget about the weather conditions.

MANILA – “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the country’s official tourism slogan this year but extreme sport athletes from Columbia, France, New Zealand and the United States have given the country a new slogan over the last few days: “It’s more action in the Philippines.”

In the heart of the capital city of Manila two of the world’s top motor acrobats from New Zealand and France showed off their stuff. New Zealand’s Rhys Millen, the star of the U.S. Drifting Series, weaved his way with his 250-horsepower Nissan through rows of the Jeepney buses that are so popular in the Philippines – to the delight of the occupants. Meanwhile Julien Dupont of France attracted flash mobs of curious spectators with some eye-popping performances on his motorcycle – no matter if he was standing on the bike while it drifted across the street or jumping over a bus or balancing his bike on the oldest wall in the Philippines in Intramoros.

The country got its first-ever taste of wing suit flying. The Red Bull Air Force Team from the United States dropped in with a formation flight over the idyllic island of Boracay, making a pinpoint landing among holiday-makers on the world famous white sandy beaches. Jon Devore, who together with his stunt team appeared in the flight action scenes of the blockbuster film “Transformers”, was duly impressed with the reception. “To be part of a premiere like this in such a wonderful country makes us all proud,” he said.

Orlando Duque from Columbia, a multiple world champion cliff diver, was also nearly speechless when he got his first glimpse of the breathtaking location in El Nido on the island of Palawan. Due to difficulties getting there, he was only able to perform a handful of dives off the imposing karst formation that surges out of the sea. But he said he was eager to return for more action there. “Maybe we could do it with the world’s best divers as part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Tour,” he said.

With an “Action Attack on the Philippines” the world’s leading energy drink maker Red Bull celebrated its market entry in the land of 7,107 islands. A stunt team from the “Transformers” made a first-ever appearance there with a spectacular formation flight wearing wing suits on the paradise island of Boracay.