In the world of fitness and supplements industry the essential of a good marketing is based on a high quality photographs. This time I proudly present the usage of one of my gym and fitness picture for protein supplement product made by Self Omninutrition a Swedish sports nutrition company. Self used one of extreme workout series pictures with my girlfriend Jovana Medenica, professional Fitness Instructor and Fitness Trainer at Extreme Gym Fitness Center in Belgrade, Serbia.


100% pure and tested raw materials is essential to SELF company work. They always make sure that the products they sell meet the highest demands for purity and safety. By working with highly regarded world leading manufacturers SELF feel safe that what they put on the label is 100% in accordance with the content. They have great experience in finding raw materials of top quality and in discarding raw materials that does not meet their standard. Finished supplement products under the brand name SELF are developed by experts in biochemistry, sports nutrition and medicine. All of the SELF products are manufactured in facilities implementing good manufacture praxis (GMP) and are in concordance with Swedish regulations. All SELF products are also guarantied to be doping free.