It is always a pleasure to see your own photographies published in different magazines and catalogues or used in some advertisements. I can never know the exact place or number of my published photos, so sometimes I see them by accident somewhere abroad, in some other country or continent and that really makes me honored.

This time one of my favorite photos found its place on the custom made iphone cover for Red Bull Mobile. I was particularly delighted because that was the photo of Valery Rozov made during the great expedition in Kamtchatka in 2010 and the project – Jump Into The Active Volcano.

Valery Rozov, jump into active volcano in Kamchatka, Russia – Photo by Predrag Vuckovic

That is one of the projects that I’m really proud of and that’s why this photo on the iphone cover meens so much to me. I hope in the future there will be many more interesting and surprising places for my photos and ways for publishing them.