Have you ever wanted to shoot something, and you simply were not available, whether he was concerned inaccessible terrain or there was no opportunity for a good position and had only been a matter of a thousand reasons? Personally I have been many times in this situation! It was just one of the decisive factors why I wanted to have a “bird” that will fly over any desired location. That “bird” would carry my camera and would be able to give me the opportunity to make unique photos from the air. Bird perspective is something that every man would want. I have my wish came true!

KopterWorx Droidworx AD8 HeavyLift is a revolutionary multi rotor helicopter that is giving photographers and other organizations access to professional and economical aerial pictures and video. Instead of hiring a full size helicopter every time you need aerial pictures and video, you can have your own professional copter that suits your type of needs. KopterWorx Droidworx AD8 HeavyLift is capable of 3-4 kg payload and can carry a wide array of cameras like Nikon, Cannon, Red One…
It is remote controlled, has the GPS capability, altitude control and a range up from 0-500 meters. Live view video is transmitted to the LCD monitor of the ground station and can be at the same time used to stream, capture or preview.
Bird like perspective that you could have only from airplane now is at your service.
Far away and unreachable places now can be close to you and photos that were unbelievable to shoot now you can easily have.
Oktokopter has a very wide range of uses in almost all areas of human interest such as for example: construction and bridge building, supervision and safety, research, tourism, marketing, environmental protection, surveying works, agriculture and hydrology, film and television.

If you are interested in filming and photo shooting from a height please contact me through my e-mail: vuckovic@extreme-photographer.com Also, if you want to acquire such an aircraft you can do it at one of the most renowned producers www.kopterworx.com


This is not a TOY! Intended for Professional use, flying as a pro. The safety instructions are intended not only for the protection of the aircraft also to protect your own safety or others. Improper operation can cause serious injury and property damage. Do not fly over people!