Photo shooting with one of the most famous stunt bikers ever, Chris Pfeiffer, is always a lot more than just a shooting. Sri Lanka and its capital Colombo once again showed us its lavish hospitality.

Although the monsoon season made us postpone the trip a few times, the departure date was finally set. A long haul journey and changing flights didn’t dampen our spirits and we reached our destination, the delightful hotel resort “Colombo Cinnamon” in Colombo.
With the lovely sunny weather, clear sky and temperature of 33°C it was easy to forget the European winter and the continent we had just left. Superb food, swimming pools, spa centre and hospitality of people made our day when we arrived at this beautiful country.

The second day we went sightseeing some of the most important sites in Colombo, where, of course, we took some unique photos. Photo shooting in these locations was completely different than anything we had experienced before. Chris Pfeiffer wanted to offer us an extremely unusual tour, unlike those recommended by regular tourist guides. Since I had already worked with Chris before I realized that this time too, work was going to be more than a pleasure. And I was right. The communication between a photographer and a sportsman was exceptional. Taking all this into account I knew that the outcome of remarkable photos would be inevitable.

The way in which Chris did his stunts on his massive BMW 800 took the audiences’ breath away. Dusk was falling while we were driving along Colombo streets provoking the passers-by to smile and sigh while they were watching us. The third day of our stay was scheduled for two shows at two different locations. The first one was organized during the morning in front of the Town Hall, and the second and main one, in the evening at the Parliament Ground. The viewers were hypnotized by the Chris Pfeiffer’s stunts. His tricks went against all the rules of gravity and balance.

The crowd never let him stop his stunts, and the moment he finished he was attacked by his fans who wanted to get his autograph and take photos of their hero. The thousands of exhilarated Sri Lankans will remember and talk about this event they took part in, making it by their presence even more unforgettable. Chris and our whole team will also cherish great memories of this unique destination and great time we spent there.
I am looking forward to going on numerous trips with Chris Pfeiffer next year, knowing that I will visit many wonderful places and have opportunity to take many unique and excellent photos.


Chris Pfeiffer discovered his passion for Motorbikes as a young kid. Already at 5 years of age, he was ready to take over the handlebars from his motorcycle-enthusiast father. And he lives his dream. After his first attempts at motorbike riding in his parents garden with a lowered Sachs 100, the Zuendapp with a side car became his favorite motorbike in the following years. All spare change went straight into the gas tank.

Since he was a little boy he is addicted to motorbikes and riding at the limit. And he lives his dream. Since 1996 Chris Pfeiffer is professional rider and has performed in hundreds of shows internationaly. Innovative is one way to describe him. Chris relentlessly pushes his limits with new tricks, projects and Off Road races that set the pulse for Extreme Riding. Since 2000 he has intensively trained on big street bikes. Street bikes have become a growing part of his shows, the speed of the street bike has once again pushed his limits. For the first time in the summer of 2000, he intensively concentrated his attention on Street Bike Freestyle. The inspiration of the ability of some Brazilian Stunt Professionals would not let him go and developed into a passion and main occupation. The Street Motorbike became to move towards the middle point of his shows. Things go a little insane when he rocks up the 1000 Ducati Monster. The easier to handle Trial Motorbike is not exactly sitting at home – some tricks are only possible with the Trial Motorbike and the combination of both the Street and Trial Motorbike allows a lot of different stunts. And exactly this wide repertoire makes Pfeiffers show what it is and brings his show up close and personal to the audience.

Only three years later in 2003, Chris reached the high point of his career so far as he was crowned the Stunt Riding World Champion in Bechyne, Czech in front of 15.000 cheering fans and six enthusiastic judges, which selected him unanimously as first place. The year after, Chris scores the title Euroean Champion while already focussing on his first ever DVD “CP Moto Freestyle”. By January 1, 2006, Chris changes onto the BMW F800s and success immediately continues: After no more than 2 months of practice on the new bike, Chris wins the most prestigeous US Streetbike Freestyle Competition, the legendary “Stuntwars” in Florida and right after that, he wins all 3 rounds of the European Stuntriding Championships. The beat goes on: In February 2007, CP scores the Indoor World Championship title in Streetbike-Freestyle…(4-times Stunt Riding World Champion, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009)


Situated on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, Colombo is the largest city and the commercial hub of the country. Colombo is located just 30 km away from the Bandaranaike International Airport while the city is also within close proximity to Sri Jayawardenepura-Kotte the administrative capital of the country. Home to more than 2 million residents, Colombo is also home to a majority of the country’s corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The weather conditions that prevail in Colombo are ideal for the leisure traveller, with many opportunities to ‘catch a tan’ or ‘shop till you drop’. From Museums, art galleries and Libraries to shopping districts, parks and religious sites, Colombo features a real plethora of tourist attractions.

Colombo is a derivative of ‘Kola-amba-thota’, which means ‘mango harbour’. The history of this vivacious city dates back nearly 2000 years, when the Muslims handled trade between Sri Lanka (known as Serendib) and rest of the world. The importance of Colombo was further enhanced when the British conquered the entire island and marked the city as the capital of Ceylon. Although the country’s capital city was changed to Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, many still consider Colombo to be Sri Lanka’s capital.

Colombo is undoubtedly the island’s premier city for shopping – with numerous shopping malls and trendy boutiques, located within a few kilometres from one another. The city is teeming with restaurants serving a variety of cuisine ranging from spicy local dishes to international favourites. As the day ends, Colombo’s nightlife comes alive and party lovers are seen dancing till dawn.
Colombo City Facts
Metropolitan Colombo Population – 653,000 (Source: UN Population Estimate Revision)
Sri Lanka Population – Estimated 19,366,000 (Source: CIA, USA)
Currency – Sri Lankan Rupee = 100 cents
Time Zone – GMT + 6 hours.
Language – Sinhalese, Tamil, English