Once again I had a pleasure to work with a stunt bike rider world champion Chris Pfeiffer, this time on his world tour 2010. He made some pretty amazing tricks on the city streets in the capitol of Macedonia, and showed to the thrilled people in the audience what it really means to be a professional stunt bike rider.

Chris Pfeiffer, a forty-year-old German, a professional sportsman, a four-time world champion in “stunt ride” motor riding, has already been known from my previous photo shootings and cooperation with him. While he was on a world tour I worked with him in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, from 1-3 October, 2010. I am always very pleased and honoured to cooperate with Chris, who is a true professional and a real star in his sport, which he proved once again before a few thousand people who gathered on a plateau in front of the Lumix building, on Saturday, October 2, in warm and sunny Skopje.
After Belgrade, Sarajevo, Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Pristina, that was the fifth time we cooperated, and, as always, I was delighted by the way he treated people he worked with, including myself. He is always concentrated on our plan and does whatever I ask him to do, in order to contribute to great photos, and, above all, he has such an unbelievable control over his 150kg heavy motorbike that all his stunts in photos look as perfect as they do live (he is more than willing to repeat his stunts if I am not completely satisfied with a single detail in a photo!) This time he had a few tricks and ideas of his own and he demonstrated them during the performance.
The first day we arrived in Skopje, we went visiting a few shooting locations as well as the main one, where the performance was to be held. We made a detailed plan for the next day, Saturday, October 2, and I was pretty sure I was going to get the photos I wanted. The weather was fine, it was sunny, and both I and Chris were in high spirits, so the shooting could get started. We had four hours to finish the shooting till the main event began, and we did the great job. The photos speak for themselves.
At 12 o’clock people started gathering at the fenced area where Chris was expected to perform his stunts. There were many spectators, wherever I looked around, watching Chris from their balconies, roofs, windows, building slab, (the works on a nearby construction site were stopped at the time). There were also many other motorists with all kinds of motorbikes, small and big ones.

At one o’clock sharp, we heard the sound of Chris’s BMW motorbike, and the breathless audience began clapping, cheering and waiting for his first trick. After the first stunt the completely amazing series of tricks took place, and the motorbike in his hands looked like a small toy. Chris set the Macedonian audience on fire and made the asphalt below him burn. The expressions on the faces of the spectators went from excitement, wonder and smile to thrill. People were gazing with their mouths fell open wondering whether it was possible to do these tricks, which seemed to dispute the basic rules of physics. That’s why Chris is invincible in stunt rides. Besides Chris’s, we had a chance to enjoy the performance of a twenty-year old Slovenian, Rok Bagoros, who made a great impression on present spectators, doing some tricks on his scooter. Cheerful Macedonians were thrilled and supported the young Slovenian as well as Chris.
After an hour of a pure adrenaline shock, Chris greeted the audience that continue cheering and didn’t let him leave, so he did a few extra stunts. The atmosphere in Skopje was electric on that hot day! After the performance was over, Chris spent time with the people from the audience and gave autographs.

All these words cannot describe the electric atmosphere and so the photos can convey the impression of this fantastic Red Bull event. Considering my role in the event, everything went well, just as I had expected, and I am certain that Chris will come back here, to one of the ex-Yugoslavia republics.
He is very pleased with what we achieved that day and all the photos – each one of them perfectly expresses his stunts and perfection is what I am striving for. He is also delighted with the public response and all the people who made him feel welcome, who were cheering vigorously, even though they hadn’t been familiar with this sport before.
Till my next shooting with Chris, I am sure you will enjoy many other events through my photos!