Los Angeles is one of my favorite travel destinations for the past years. There is not much modern cities that provide many photographic opportunities because many of them are associated with unique details. When you mention California to anyone the first association certainly will be the Sun. Los Angeles with its geographical position has particular place on the map when it comes to unique light at sunset or the so-called “Golden Hour”!​ At such amazing light conditions this image of urban female runner was made and deserved its place on the cover of September issue of Elevate magazine.


Originally founded in 1927 as Aeroput, and rebranded in 1947 as JAT, it is the 8th oldest airline in the world that continues to operate today. On 1 August 2013 the Government of Serbia and Etihad Airways entered into an agreement for the Abu Dhabi-based airline to purchase a 49% stake in the Serbian airline. It soon became clear that JAT was about to be transformed – thanks to the shared vision of its shareholders and the support of all employees – into something truly special: Air Serbia, the new national airline of Serbia.
With regular services to an increasing number of destinations, a growing fleet of first-class aircraft, a global network of partners and increasing passenger numbers and revenue, Air Serbia is proving its worth as the successor of the JAT heritage. This new magazine “Elevate” is here to mark the new times ahead of us and hopefully the passengers will enjoy reading this dual language magazine on their flights.