I am very proud that my images are being published in more and more In-Flight magazines which various airline companies publish thus throughout various topics and quality photographs entertain and inform their customers. This time the cover page of Bihanga, Biman Bangladesh Airlines In-Flight Magazine features one of my scuba diving photograph of a snorkeler with underwater camera during the vacation time on exotic tropical island. Enjoy your flight and safe trip…

The bi-monthly inflight magazine of Biman Bangladesh Airlines (national carrier of Bangladesh) has been launched in September 2013. The magazine encapsulates the myriad experiences through travel stories on various destinations that Biman flies to (national and international) besides other features on leisure, culture, food, technology, people and many more. The magazine celebrates life!
Bihanga is the name of a Bangladeshi bird, used in literature, and very apt for Biman’s renaisance. Biman is a national symbol, and a source of pride for the country, and all Bangladeshis worldwide, and they are looking to bring this topic to a new, international audience.
They are looking to completely transform Biman over the following years with many more customer oriented products and services, combined with traditional Bangladeshi hospitality. They are also looking to double the size of their fleet, and launch many popular new routes.