It makes me very proud whenever I see any of my photographs on the cover pages of various books and magazines worldwide. Here is the cover page of former Helix magazine (now Double Helix), a scientific magazine for teens published in Australia. The cover image features scuba diver underwater in the amazing locations in Mexican cenotes at the Yucatan Peninsula near Cancun.

The Helix was a bi-monthly teen science magazine published by CSIRO Publishing, as the young-adult bi-monthly magazine of the Double Helix Science Club. The magazine was established in 1986 as the newsletter for the science club. Soon afterwards, it grew into a magazine in its own right. In 1999, a spin-off science magazine for younger readers, called Scientriffic, was created.
The magazine was usually 40 pages long and trimmed to quarto paper size. It typically contained articles about science and mathematics of interest to teens.
The magazine was relaunched in July 2015 as Double Helix, combining both Scientriffic and The Helix into one magazine, starting from Issue 1, with 8 issues per year.