Over time I specialized in sports and action photography which takes most of my working time, but I’m also very happy when my side projects, like beauty photography, find its way in the world of media. This time it is beauty picture of a female model which was used for the #5 issue of Home Media Live advertisement publication by Mediapost, France.

Media convergence is already a reality … increased. The fifth issue of Home Media Live (Médiapost Advertisement) co-constructed by Wefactory and RedShift offers augmented reality experience.
Wefactory and RedShift have teamed up to give rise to an innovative communication experience. In the latest issue of Home Media Live Wefactory designed and produced by the B2B magazine Médiapost Advertising (governed dedicated to Home Media), readers have the opportunity to scan a picture of the central opening folder with a smartphone or tablet.
With technology Paper Play Redshift – actor of augmented reality including Le Figaro, L’Equipe and Le Parisien example – the paper comes to life: animation motion design seems literally out of the page. “Halfway between print and digital, many areas remain to be explored that open new perspectives to the editorial communication,” says managing partner Stanislas Haquet Wefactory.
Wefactory is a publishing and events company. This dual expertise allows orchestrate content, media (print, digital) and corporate meetings to animate communities and BtoB clients. Co-directed by Agathe Martin-Belin (eg, By The Way) and Stanislas Haquet (ex Angie) agency Carrefour among its clients, Kering, Maaf, Yellow Pages, La Poste, Laser Goup, Fortunéo, Banque Palatine, among other.