As I already mentioned for my previous photo shooting with scuba divers of the 72nd Special Forces Brigade “The most interesting things are always the ones that are inaccessible and untouchable to most of people”. I did a spectacular underwater photo shoot with them a few weeks ago, and the continuation of this unique collaboration is a new photo shoot in the “TRIBUĆA” canyon and a new cover page for the magazine “ODBRANA”.
My many years of experience in extreme sports as well as special skills have enabled me to keep up with these amazing people and to capture a moment that has not been possible to photograph so far. All the materials we made during this amazing activity will be used to promote the Serbian Army and their special forces. In addition to everything only one of the results is another one cover of the magazine “ODBRANA” in addition to all the other publications we received after this photo shoot.


ODBRANA magazine was a newspaper of the Ministry of Defense, which has been published since October 1, 2005. The founder of the magazine is the Public Relations Department, and the publisher is the Media Center “Odbrana”.
The main task of the magazine “ODBRANA – DEFENSE” is to inform members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army, employees in all other elements of the defense system and the widest domestic and foreign public about all current issues on the country’s defense.
ODBRANA continues the tradition of the military press in Serbia for 137 years. The first official newspaper of the Serbian army was the newspaper “Ratnik”, the first issue of which was published on January 24, 1879, and that date marks the Day of the Media Center “Odbrana”.