All the underwater photographs on the cover pages are special to me in some way, and if the photo is a split level, then it truly holds a special meaning. This is just another favourite I made during my diving trip to the Maldives and was published on the cover page of the Maldives Insider magazine. This print publication is destination guide to this spectacular location. Also this magazine covering all the happenings and trends in the Maldives’ multi-billion-dollar tourism and hospitality industry.


Founded in 2011, Maldives Promotion House has established itself as a leading destination marketing agency in the Maldives with a diverse portfolio of reputed products and partnerships. Published annually in English, German and Chinese, Maldives Insider tells the discerning traveller the story of the Maldives. Monthly publication has been launched in 2018, to be distributed throughout hotels and resorts across the Maldives and placed in guest rooms for leisure reading.