I’m very proud and delighted each time when I see my photos get published on worldwide renowned magazines, so I’m happy to share this cover page for National Geographic Traveler magazine. The Poland issue for December 2015 features one of my colorful images of male street art performer with painted face that I shot in Mumbai during my special project entitled “Faces”. Within this assignment I photographed many interesting people and art performers with vivid colors.


National Geographic Traveler is the world’s most widely read travel magazine. It championed sustainable travel before it was cool and, eight times annually, celebrates journeys that are about place, experience, culture, authenticity, living like the locals, and great photography. It makes a distinction between tourism and travel, and stresses inquisitive not acquisitive trips.

It employs storytelling and you-are-there photography to inspire readers to pick up and go. And, with the theme of “Nobody Knows This World Better,” it eschews fashion and fluff in favor of articles that offer a strong sense of place, inspiring narratives that make readers take trips, and solid service information to help them plan those trips.