Great news about one of my images from outdoor series that was used for cover page of Partenaires Savoie, French business magazine. Savoie (English: Savoy) is a French department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of the French Alps. It makes me very happy each time one of my photos is used for various media content worldwide especially when it is different language than English involved.​


The magazine is distributed every two months to companies (manufacturers, retailers, service companies) but also to economic and political decision-makers of Savoy.
Together with the Haute-Savoy, Savoy is one of the two departments of the historic region of Savoy that was annexed by France on 14 June 1860, following the signature of the Treaty of Turin on 24 March 1860). It represents and brings together manufacturers, traders and service providers in Savoy, registered in the Register of Trade and Companies.
Partenaires Savoie magazine fulfills two main tasks to ensure the coordination of local economic development:
– Represent the general interests of the economy with public authorities and many partners: it is the voice for companies in the industry, commerce and services.
– Accompany daily creation and development of Savoie companies.
The magazine covers 5954 shops; 4713 pubs, hotels and restaurants; 2559 construction companies; 1420 industries; 10.439 service companies (excluding hotels and restaurants); 253 Agriculture.

Company mission is:
– To accompany project developers, businesses and territories in their economic development.
– To represent and carry the collective interests of businesses with governments.
– To inform businesses and facilitate their administrative formalities.
– To train and develop the skills of leaders, their employees and young alternately.
– To adjust and manage public facilities.