Great Scuba Diving image of mine got published on the cover of Domingo CM magazine which is a publication of Cofina media company. Founded in 1995, Cofina is one of the leading Portuguese media companies. Currently the company has a portfolio of 5 newspapers, 4 magazines and a cable television channel, characterized by sustained growth in profitability, both organic and through acquisitions. Cofina has been listed on the Lisbon stock exchange since 1998.


In 1979, Correio da Manhã was born. It arose from the will of a small nucleus of journalists and commercials. He had as leader a nonconformist Vítor Direito, fed up with promises to be fulfilled and a servile journalism before the world of politics. The year 1979 ended with 6523 inmates in Portuguese jails. The crime was violent, mainly by means of weapons, and lived the attacks and revenge of the post-revolution. In that year, PSP, GNR, Fiscal Guard, Maritime Police and PJ concluded 806 620 cases of crime (crime). 2186 people died on the roads and burned 66,330 hectares of forest.