During the past years I was involved in photoshooting many Red Bull X-Fighters events, and I surely can say that this is the biggest FMX sport event in the world. Therefore I’m very happy that one of my pictures ended up on the cover page of the Red Bull X-Fighters official magazine 2013. On the cover page is Levi Sherwood with his fantastic possibilities for stretching during the amazing “seat grab” in the air.


“People argue whether freestyle motocross was born from guys riding with buddies in the desert or racers doing tricks when they crossed a finish line” an organizer for the first known freestyle competition in 1998, where competitors strung together jumps on a dirt course. Back then, the tricks were simplistic. “We couldn’t fathom that someone might be able to backflip a 220-pound motorcycle”.
Red Bull X-Fighters was launched in Valencia, Spain, in 2001. In iconic settings across the globe, each rider has a limited time (e.g.,90 seconds) to dazzle the judges on a predominantly dirt course packed with features. Today, the riders’ aerial “gymnastics” include not only backflips, but double backflips and tricks that have them spinning and stretching in front of, in back of, and above their bikes – often hands free, and all in the process of a jump that soars as much as 15 meters above the ground and 30 meters in distance.