I had a pleasure to get my image of Russian extreme sport star Valery Rozov published on the cover of their magazine Technology-Youth, the magazine with tradition and history that lasts more than 80 years. The image is from Red Bull BASE climbing expedition in Antarctica. The Antarctica belongs to no one, and yet it belongs to the whole world. Nevertheless, not many people visit this wonderful but harsh place at the South Pole.

Magazine “Technology – Youth” (Техника-молодежи) was founded in 1933 and noted in 2013. 80-year anniversary. But despite its venerable age, “TM” has been and remains one of the leading scientific-popular monthly publications of Russia – a living legend.
TM continues to excite their readers bold ideas and projects, stories of invention and innovation, to give a true delight connoisseurs for its colorful detailed figures – the reconstruction of various historical and contemporary art. This concept includes and exclusive stories about the mysterious, unknown in the macro- and microcosm, articles about the mysteries of history, wonderful people – creators of modern civilization, discoverers, pioneers and eternally young Fiction Literature Club.
The history of “Technology – Youth” is inseparable from the history of the country in the twentieth century. The magazine is unfolding chronicle of real breakthrough of our Fatherland to the heights of world scientific and technological development: industrialization, victory in the war, the development of peaceful and military atom, spacewalk, fundamental discoveries and unique machinery made by our scientists and engineers.
The magazine has always given young readers the basics of scientific and technical knowledge, familiar with the latest achievements in the field of science and technology, industry, medicine, space, agriculture. And yet – so it happened – “TM” managed to even the most ideologically “deaf” years to educate the innovators, unconventional thinkers, capable to look beyond the horizon of existing knowledge and at the same time to defend their point of view. No wonder, many representatives of the Russian intellectual elite believed and believe that they raised in the publication of “TM”.
On the pages of “TM” were almost all of the outstanding Russian scientists, experts, heads of production, from the venerable Ivan Pavlov, Nicholas Zelinsky, Pyotr Kapitsa, Anatoly Alexandrov to anyone then unknown Sergei Korolev, Victor Glushkov, Igor Kurchatov, Ivan Artobolevsky.
“TM” has organized more than 20 national and international motor races, contests, homemade cars, became “instigators” of the movement in the USSR.
But perhaps the greatest achievement of the magazine – the disclosure of the enormous potential of scientific and technical ideas and concrete proposals, projects, accumulated over decades of work with a unique readership: inventors, innovators, dreamers. These are people thinking outside the box, with a creative spark, are always looking for. And almost all of them recognized that the more teenagers read “Technology – Youth” – “dream journal” and “out of ideas grew wings.”