After the amazing jump over the Corinth canal that Robbie Maddison successfully performed on his bike, the news started to spread all over the world. It makes me even more proud that the sequence photo of this historical jump made it to the cover of the German freestyle MX magazine Smoothness. Sequence photos are rarely used for the cover pages, and this is another reason that makes this photo very special to me.
You can read more about Robbie Maddison’s famous jump in the article Robbie Maddison Jump Over Corinth Canal – Greece.


The Freestyle Motocross sport had a really big trick progression the last years. Especially the combination of different tricks is getting more popular these days. If you have visited a show or a contest, you know that some of the backflip combination tricks are pretty quick. The rider is already landed before you have recognized what kind of trick he did. If you only take one picture of a trick, you can’t see, if the rider made a combination of different tricks or not. With we want to effect new innovative energy into the scene. For this reason we open up a new online market segment in the extreme sport market. We have decided to create an internet sequence magazine, which appears quarterly with a bunch of great sequences. Certainly the older issues will be available through our archive. Sequence photographers can upload their FMX sequences using our upload tool. We pick out the best sequences and maybe your sequence will be in the next issue of Smoothness and receives a prize. Naturally there will be a lot of possibilities for the industry to arrest attention with interactive advertisements. With Smoothness your advertisement will be an eyecatcher – warranted