All the underwater photographs on cover pages are special to me in some way, and if the photo is a split level, then it truly holds a special meaning. This is just another favorite I made during my diving trip to the Maldives and was posted on The First issue of Scuba Diver Destinations – which is designed to fire your excitement and inspire your next diving adventure. This brand-new quarterly magazine features in-depth, educational, entertaining and visually stunning articles on diving hotspots around the world, from those well-known locations to others which are more off the beaten track.


Scuba Diver is a lavishly illustrated, independent diving title available in print and digitally that features unbiased and comprehensive equipment reviews, reports on diving locations across the planet, hints and advice on how to improve your diving skills, up-to-the-minute news from the diving industry globally, and dedicated sections on technical diving, freediving and underwater photography. Scuba Diver is published in Europe (Scuba Diver Magazine), Australia and New Zealand (Scuba Diver ANZ) and as Destinations in the US and Canada.