The photo of Julien Dupont on his motorcycle riding on a tree is one of my favourites moto action moments, and many media had published it so far, but a cover page always gives a special importance to a photograph. This time it is my pleasure to see this photo used for Ukrainian biggest moto magazine Motodraiv.
You can read more about Julien Dupont and his actions in the article “Ride The World” Photo Shooting With Julien Dupont.

Many say, “I sat on a motorcycle after meeting with this magazine. It changed my life!”
The main advantage of the magazine “Motodrive” is its own extensive intellectual base. Edition is not only a mediator, but the manufacturer’s own information. The latest news, latest news motoproma, the most current test drives, interesting journey, as well as many original materials (many authors who have become their readers) – it’s all there in the most popular moto magazine in Ukraine!
The only Ukraine company in this niche, who publishes a magazine in the “popular” format : it is created together with the readers, so that each room a lot of “live” material, so it is interesting for everyone – from students to deputies, from the owners to the coolest bikes scooter. Readers often say, “This magazine is like no other. It has a soul!”. That is why this publication is growing steadily, both in qualitative and in quantitative terms – nearly 2,000 readers of subscribers, many of whom have been with the magazine for the first year in a row! Also, the magazine “Motodrive” is available in the online version, which also extends the range of its readers in the country, so in the near and far abroad.
Magazine writes about moto brotherhoods in Ukraine, the personalities in this movements, testing motorcycles, hydro and quad techniques​(both new and used) actually sold in Ukraine, provides news articles and reviews, as well as technical information. There are also tour dates of various moto gatherings and similar events around Ukraine.