Throughout my photography career, every cover page was very important to me and I always expressed a special pleasure when I see one of my photos on the front page of any magazine. In today’s time, when the internet is taking over the whole world and when magazines are slowly going into the past, every front page is even more important to me and I am more fascinated by the photos that end up there.

My opinion for the future is that the magazines that survive will have even greater value and everything published in them will somehow be seen differently and will be a matter of prestige and glamor for many brands and events.

The front page of the ‘UNLEASHED WAKE MAGAZINE’ magazine is just one of the countless publications I had during the incredible project ‘WAKE BASE’ when Brian Grubb, after riding a wakeskate on the highest infinity pool, did a base jump from the edge of the hotel ‘THE ADDRESS’ in Dubai.

It’s completely amazing where all the photos from this project have been published, but still regardless, each cover has a special place in my portfolio and I still look forward to each one as much as I used to.

P.S. At the moment I have over 500 front pages in absolutely amazing publications around the world. Let’s keep it that way in this harsh time of the digital world and the Internet!


Since 2003 UNLEASHED WAKE MAGAZINE has been a part of the WAKESCENE covering the sport on wakeparks, boatcamps, competitions, winch sessions, etc… With a unique approach to interviews, press reports, scoops, video and photo shoots, allowing them to gain the riders trust and faith. The pro – riders passion for their photo session and video available through UNLEASHED website comes to prove our reputation and following on wakeboard world.
 UNLEASH WAKEBOARD MAGAZINE  is now a trade Brand with 15 people all around the globe to have a real representation on the main countries. They reach more than 3,5 million Humans through their main support UNLEASHED WAKEBOARD MAGAZINE and social-medias network, with a distribution of hard copies in 25 countries and digital ones in 187 countries.