As you may have noticed through my posts I very much enjoy scuba diving and underwater photography takes a huge part of my life. Time spent in blue depths of the oceans relaxes me and takes me away from the way of life we all tend to live on the land. Probably the most interesting diving site, and my personal favorite, is the Kittiwake shipwreck that lies in the waters of Cayman Islands. Countless stories are written about this shipwreck and you have also read some of mine as well, but this time I proudly share with you cover page for German underwater magazine called Unterwasser Tauchmagazin that features my photo of a diver exploring the Kittiwake shipwreck.​

Unterwasser Tauchmagazin (English: Underwater Diving Magazine) is monthly magazine published in Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany. Millions of people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have submerged their horizons to a new dimension expanded – in a fascinating sport of scuba diving. They make a unique audience of this underwater magazine that regenerates itself every year. A magazine that professionally handles photographs as well as research and exciting articles. A magazine that reveals secrets of the underwater world, tips for diving practice as they are in any textbook, and new pieces of equipment under the microscope. Each issue of unterwasser is prepared by a team of renowned photographers and journalists who are all intimately familiar with the international diving scene. Each story or report contains the following three modules:
PICTORIAL SECTIONS – Superb photographic portfolios with strikingly unusual layouts present a subjective approach to the topic in question.
COPY SECTIONS – The objective information in these sections is structured to ensure that it can be read and understood easily.
GRAPHICS – These gives readers an overview of as well as specialized information on the material covered in the respective stories or reports.