Many of my sports action photographs were published so far in various medias around the globe, and here you can see the cover page for “Uruguay Natural” turismo and outdoors magazine. The image represents mountain biker in extreme conditions while carrying his bicycle through the swamp. I am very glad that it was inspirational in this way to the editorial of this magazine.

Uruguay Natural” hopes are renewed after first 19 years spent working for their readers. It is a story that marks them and pushes them to believe in their work, to apply themselves to make a better proposal that adds to their clients, readers, and help make Uruguay a better quality of life and a strong and sustainable tourism development. The dream of further projects is already in operation, to become stronger, and therefore they work, their strategic alliance with the Bank Country is a cairn marking the ambition of their dreams. They also long to create sports events integration, not competitive, that allow them to bring more people to the various proposals outdoors, recognize ourselves deeper into every corner of the country through tourism integration programs. Getting companies to integrate their staff to recreation programs and fitness, providing spaces and professional advice to achieve better health and greater working efficiency and spread the spirit Outdoor in Uruguay.