It’s my pleasure to share this new cover page of X-Fitness magazine featuring Erko Jun, fitness model, personal trainer, body engineer and international cover model. This image is from a photoshooting I did with Erko in my studio in Belgrade and I am very happy with the outcome of that photo session. Let this be a nice beginning of the following year.

The thoughts of a nice body and health in general back in 2002 resulted in the development of a new brand called X-FITNESS magazine. Magazine was established as well as the collaboration with the fitness models and as time went on, the project became more serious, and the same photos began to be published in almost all the popular magazines around the world that had anything to do with fitness, and so on until the time when the magazine was installed on the right place on the pedestal of European fitness industry, where he remained until the present day. Over the last decade, publishing and marketing have left behind 61 edition of this sport magazine that is certainly worth having in your home collection as rich professional articles on healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and physical activity that you can always look back.
The magazine as his biggest focus, in addition to the great texts, had the unusual quality of photography, and large number of front pages of this magazine are my photos that illustrate the fitness and bodybuilding world population in the best way.
The latest online magazine can be found on the X-Fitness magazine official website.