One of my photograps from India drew huge attention worldwide, and it was just a matter of time when it would end up on some cover page. And here it is as I happily announce the cover page of Zoom.NL, Holand the biggest digital photography and video magazine. is Dutch largest photography community and market leader in the segment of photography magazines. inspires, teaches and helps the audience to make better pictures. It has a unique interaction between website, magazine, photography course dvd, iPad app, social media, workshops and events. This unique cross-media interaction offers advertisers an optimal range within the target group and many opportunities to interact. website for and by amateur photographers made ​​and offers visitors a platform where they can upload photos, share, view and rate.
The online community is pivotal within the website and more than 110,000 active, registered members collectively have more than 1.6 million photos shared and placed in the online gallery. The site offers reviews, news and photo contests. magazine is published 10 times a year and has a special year. The magazine offers to its readers a leading role in the content. Thus, for each expense over a hundred readers photographs used in articles about courses, interviews and workshops. No Dutch magazine engages the audience as active in the construction of the content.
Subscribers of the magazine provided 4 times per year photography course on DVD that every time offers a complete course on a particular photographic subject. The completeness and comprehensive explanation giving the audience enough knowledge to immediately successful to take pictures. Photography enthusiasts can also order the DVD release via website.