I was engaged in photoshooting Red Bull Art Of Motion five years in a row and each year was spectacular and special in its way. The Red Bull Art of Motion competitors came again to the Greek island, the so-called freerunning paradise, for the 6th edition of the freerunning event, but an encounter with local fishermen gave their training routine a new meaning.

Greek fishermen cast their nets in the picturesque Amoudi bay daily. Freshly caught fish is a trademark of the Greek culinary paradise, adding to Santorini’s worldwide fame as a top tourist destination and the most photographed island in the world. This year, the Amoudi bay that faces Oia and its renowned sunset became a hotspot for freerunners.

The athletes, who came to perform at the 6th edition of Red Bull Art of Motion running, visited the small Amoudi harbor that hosts all kinds of sailboats and fishing boats. The two frontrunners for this year’s title, Dimitris Kyrsanidis (GRE), the 2014 and 2015 champion, and Pavel Petkuns (LAT), the 2011 and 2012 champion, and rookie Pedro Salgado (POR) explored the bay in their own way, jumping from boat to boat and disturbing the local fishermen’s routine, but only for a while.

Additionally, rooftops, narrow streets full of tourists, white houses and belfries of classical churches became the playground of the athletes just few days before the ultimate freerunning challenge.