The second photography workshop in 2013 was held in Mumbai, India in organization of Red Bull India and cooperation of Better Photography Magazine. The location chosen for this event was the NCPA’s Centre for Photography, one of the only galleries of its kind in India that exhibit works of leading Indian and international photographers, as well as other forms of visual art.

The main goal of this workshop was inspiration and motivation through a fabulous world of danger and extreme performance of photography. I tried to present to other photographers my images taken around the globe and unique shooting techniques that made me one of the most popular extreme sports photographer in the world.
Around 150 photographers by favour of one of the biggest photography magazine Better Photo and Red Bull India, had a pleasure to attend this three hour workshop, and to see unique scenes of extreme sports captured from various corners of the planet. Another amazing workshop topic was dedicated to water, underwater and split level photography, which is my favourite for the last couple of years. The water is totally diffrent dimension from the land hence the most important part of the equipment is underwater camera housing. Also one part of my lecture was a presentation of Subal underwater housings.

The following day 15 photographers by invitation attended, along with me, Red Bull Quila Surf event lead by World Champion Inês Correia, to practise photoshooting and the best action moments. We evaluated their photos later on that day, but with no luck for the real wind necessary for the kite surf we were denied for the larger number of those photos.
I would like to thank the Red Bull India for their hospitality and such a good organisation of this workshop. I will most definitely participate in another photography workshop event in the future, that will be announced on time. Meanwhile I recommend enjoying the colorful India which is almost any photographers dream where you can capture amazing lifestyle pictures unlike any others.