During this year I held a few motivational lectures and workshops around the world, as “NIKON” Ambassador and “SUBAL” pro team member. After invitation of the Photo club “PHOTO CG“, for the first time I gave a lecture in Podgorica (Montenegro) at the Faculty of Economics.

I have presented to the audience the most important segments of my work in a presentation that was secially designed for this event. I had the opportunity to show photos and video materials that I have made on amazing locations across the globe. Interest in my class has exceeded all our expectations, and the hall of the Faculty of Economics filled to capacity of 300 people. I received many e-mails from friends and acquaintances from the neighboring countries who wanted to come to hear my lecture. Many of them are photographers, some of them are fans of extreme sports and others wanted to come with their children who may be motivated to pursue a photographic careers. So it was a challenge for me to make this talk interesting to everyone. Through my stories and adventures from shootings around the world, that also included some technical stuff interesting mostly to photographers, I managed to keep the attention of all the participants for four hours!

In addition to images of extreme sport events that made my photography recognizable, an important segment of this lecture in Podgorica was the presentation of underwater photography with the support of “SUBAL” and photos from the canyon adventures which is an important segment of my Extreme Canyoning project. Organizers did their best to make it look spectacular and at a world level. Many people approached me after the event and said that never before they felt four hours flew by so quickly. I have also received many positive comments about this event via email and I’m still getting them.

Besides planned workshops in several countries around the globe in the following year, I also plan to create something special in Belgrade (Serbia), which will be complemented by new stories and photos from the projects that are yet to come. I will be be showing some photo techniques, and all of this within a few days event.

I would like to thank the great organizer “PHOTO CG,” my sponsors Nikon and SUBAL, for their usual generous support, and lastly but not the less important, the RED BULL for always supporting me. Also thanks a lot to www.riders.me for this great video!