Tara river, which is also called “Tear of Europe”, is produced by the two rivers, Opasanica and Verusa under a mountain Komovi. Throughout its course the water is safe to drink. Tara River Canyon is 1333 m deep, which makes it the deepest in Europe, and the second deep in the world, right after the Colorado Canyon. Tara river itself is 146 km long, and the greater part of it (including the canyon) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under National Park Durmitor.

In addition to this introduction it is obvious that Tara is ideal for rafting, and most of all fishing (part of Kolasin is perfect for fly fishing). Its wealth with Salmonidae-precious species of fish is an unforgettable experience for all those who love fishing. Fishing on Tara is allowed only with artificial lures, and the most common types of fish are brown trout, grayling and shoots.

During July and August the fish at Tara works poorly, and there are not many anglers. Due to low water levels the fish pulls up the river towards the canyon, and the person who manage to catch a big fish during this period must be a skilled fisherman, or a poacher. Brown trout is extremely difficult to hunt and for its removal from water rapids one must have skills, and each copy of a trophy piece of fish is respect worthy.

The adventure that expects Tara visitors is an unforgettable life experience, and fishing on Tara is in some sense the privilege.
I used underwater equipment for this project in order to create some unique fishing photos, and I am very proud of the results I managed to achieve.
Several photographs from this indeed unique series were used in some respected magazines, and the rest of them are waiting for their potential buyers.