On a global quest to discover his very own seven wonders of the world, British freerunner Ryan Doyle aims to create epic images, expand his horizons and perfect his sport. I am proud that I was a part of his quest on the first stop in Rome, Italy.

Parkour and free-running great Ryan Doyle is on a mission to showcase his acrobatic skills in the world’s most unique and famous spots. In seven stunning episodes, Doyle travels the world, meeting diverse cultures and performing his impressive stunts at breathtaking sites where few would ever expect to see such moves. In the first episode, Doyle visits Rome for a free-running session set against the imposing backdrop of the Colosseum.

As he travels the planet in search of his personal seven wonders of the world, Doyle always makes an effort to get to know the peoples and cultures in the different countries he visits. Wherever he goes, a meeting with members of the local parkour scene is a must – from the first stop on his world tour at Rome’s Colosseum to his time in Mexico, Peru or Brazil. “I want to learn from fellow freerunners in the different regions I visit,” he explains.