It is a real pleasure to work with the best athletes in the world no matter what sport they do. Throughout my career, a large number of elite athletes was in front of my camera, so it was this time. Portfolio photoshooting with the number one team in the world at street basketball discipline 3×3.

When Dušan Domović Bulut, Marko Ždero, Marko Savić and Dejan Majstorović bound for Japan in the final of the FIBA World tour in 3×3 basketball, very few people in our country knew that Serbia has representatives in this competition. In the land of the rising sun they were greeted with camera flashes and fans who wanted autographs, and they had the status of stars. They opened the tournament with the first game in which they won and closed the tournament by playing the last match which they also won and so became the world champions hence justifying the role of the champions.
They know each other from childhood. Although their careers were crossed in a way over the years playing in basketball clubs, somehow the three of them usually encountered on basketball street courts in Liman, part of Novi Sad, where they played basketball 3×3. This form of the game recently got professional outlines worldwide and our players with their successes laid the foundations of the sport in Serbia and started a new history of the nation, which was once an international basketball force.
In addition to being the best team in the world, these four guys solely govern individual FIBA ranking of the best players. After silver and gold at the world championships, world champion titles at the World tour and a large number of tournaments won, some would say it’s time to rest, however, these “eagles” plan to spread their wings.
When we started to deal with this sport, the goal was to beat any opponent, and we were motivated by the desire to become the best team in the world. Now when we did that, we are motivated by our desire to stay the best as long as possible, because as they say “It is difficult to climb to the top, but it’s even harder to stay on the top”!

This sport is increasingly becoming popular in our country and there is no doubt that the teams from Serbia will be in the world top in the future. “There have been many successful Serbian basketball players before we started to accomplish them. This gave us the opportunity to raise the basketball to more serious level in Serbia. This is supported by the fact that the European finals this year in Prague and Lausanne, Serbia had three representatives”.
In addition, from 2016 the 3×3 should become the Olympic discipline. We do not like to talk in advance, but if we take into account past successes, it can be concluded that Serbia may take some medals on that competition!