I can proudly say that one of my underwater pictures from Egypt got published on the cover of the only Serbian diving magazine entitled Ronilački Svet. This remarkable publication is work of the people from diver’s club “Svet Ronjenja”.

Diver’s magazine “RONILAČKI SVET” is the only Serbian technical literature about diving which in very simple way promotes diving sport and underwater activities. In it the reader can read articles about diving equipment, medicine, underwater photography, diving contests (apnea, fin swim, underwater hockey…), expeditions and all the other events concerning diving in Serbia.
Main goal of the magazine is to timely inform and educate the divers in Serbia. Therefore this magazine is free for all the certified divers (from any association) which are Serbian residens. For those who meet the required terms the application form can be found here.
Divers Club „Svet Ronjenja“ is responsible for this fine magazine, and its small editorial office consists of several constant contributors. Their work is volunteer and they are governed by a huge enthusiasm and love for the active way of life. They also cooperate with world wide diving experts.