The Highlander adventure of a lifetime has become a big part of my work calendar and I’m very happy about it because it’s a different challenge with the always unique mountain setting.

This hiking event is based on the fact that hikers spend from two to five days crossing from 20 to 100 km in the mountains, sleeping in tents and eventually becoming all Highlanders, and I along with them, although I don’t walk as much as them because I have to be in front them in order to meet them at the best locations and take pictures as they pass.

During this adventure, the feeling is especially nice because I enjoy nature, far from civilization, and sometimes without a range, so that period is excellent for refreshing body and soul.

Until now, there have been many Highlander adventures around the world, and from this year, the first HIGHLANDER USA adventure of a lifetime was added to the calendar, in California at Big Bear Lake. I was especially happy that California is the first host of this hiking event because it is my favorite state in the USA, and I have passed almost all of them.

The Event started on September 27, 2022 and lasted for five days until October 2, 2022. Already on the first day, the ambiance enchanted me with its uniqueness in every sense – everything was somehow like a film set for some of the best adventure films.

Nature is truly unreal and different from location to location. Every day we were at the end of the day in a new camp where the hikers slept, and before that they relaxed after a hard day, so I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people there.

Every Highlander event is unique in itself, but this one in particular left an impression on me because Big Bear mountain has a lot of natural diversity, so the photographic motivation is stronger and the inspiration is greater.
At the end of the fifth day I could mark the first ever USA HIGHLANDER in my working book.

Definitely unique photography scenery of the San Bernardino National Forest and Big Bear Lake are the perfect backdrop for this adventure. It was really fantastic capturing special moments of the first American HIGHLANDERS and making their Adventure of a Lifetime last forever!