The first ever USA HIGHLANDER is in the books! Unique photography scenery of the San Bernardino National Forest and Big Bear Lake are the perfect backdrop for this hiking event! It was an enormous photography and life experience during this period of time while I was catching special moments of the first American HIGHLANDERs and making their Adventure of a Lifetime last forever!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time, for now, to make the exhibition on my own in my country so I got a chance for it on the other side of the world, in California, during the Highlander Big Bear Lake.

I presented my best pictures from all the Highlander adventures till now. It was such an honor and pleasure to share my work with incredible people from almost 30 different US states, Canada and Columbia and to show them some unique and spectacular locations and moments from other countries where HIGHLANDER Adventure of a Lifetime takes place.

When I am surrounded with a magnificent nature and I have real adventurers in front of my lens than my motivation is endless and inspiration limitless so the final result – photographs tell the whole story about me and all that I am doing.

Also, beside my photographs during this HIGHLANDER exhibition, there were presented pictures from other photographers who also captured unique locations and special moments from different HIGHLANDER events.

Special thanks to my GLOBAL HIGHLANDER TEAM!