It is a true pleasure every time I get the chance to do aerial photography, which is why the International Seaplane Regatta MontAdria in Montenegro was one of the unique and most exciting events I had the opportunity to photograph in this year.

Seaplane aviation is nothing new for Montenegro, because the first seaplane base in this country was established a century ago in Bay of Kotor. The organizational team of this regatta brought back seaplane aviation in 2007 when they performed flights over Skadar Lake. 

International Seaplane Regatta Montadria aims to promote seaplane aviation and seaplane advantages for society. During four days, experienced pilots from around the world flew over Montenegro and landed their seaplanes on airfields, lakes, rivers, bays, and ports. 

The fascinating ability of seaplanes is that they can land on a firm surface like an airfield, but they can also land on water. That ability creates a unique experience for pilots, for those who are watching, and in this case for photographers, too. From a photographer’s point of view, you get an entirely new dimension of flying and aerial photography.

Not only do you have the opportunity to land on a mountain lake, for example, and get a whole new perspective for photos, but it’s fantastic that other planes around you do the same so it’s just awesome. And, of course, when you add the stunning nature of Montenegro in the background, you get amazing results.