After publishing my image on the cover page of Chinese Photographic Travel Magazine earlier this year, I had the honors of being published again and this time with a 4 page interview. The article is entitled “Adrenaline in extreme travel” and it features cool stories about some of my most interesting projects and locations I have visited on planet Earth.


Established in 2010,Photographic Travel is a monthly magazine aimed at the photography and travel enthusiast. The content of the magazine is modern and keep with the current trend, since photography is the most popular means of expression, while travel is the hottest life style. And the magazine combines photography with travel by reporting news information, deeply analyzing cultural and historical stories behind the beautiful scenery, introducing new practical gear which is suitable for readers, teaching how to get a good photo during the trip step by step.
Because of precise positioning and high-quality content, the magazine gained widespread popularity when it started publication. It owns all known and strong resources in these field,including digital product, automobile, outdoors, hotel, airline company and tourist administration. It makes the magazine more authoritative and fresh. The magazine has a circulation of more than 300.000 per month, which ranks front row in magazines of these field.

Photographic Travel pays attention to the interaction of all media by collecting the works entered for monthly competition via traditional media; providing content via microblog, e-magazine, website and video. All kinds of media support the development of the magazine in all dimensions. The magazine attaches importance to the interaction and cooperation of offline and online activities. For instance, it organized several photographic tour group which is named the tour filled with the scenery you must shoot in life. The magazine holds Travel Photographic Competition every year, which caused intense reaction and took powerful hold of the sphere of photography and travel.

Photographic Travel has forged lasting links with thousands of photographic societies across the country. It is supported by a great expert team, including the experts in equipment, astronomy, geography, outdoors, vision and tourism. There is also an good author team behind the magazine, including photographers of different style, travel enthusiasts, web celebrities from all over the world.
In the times of photography and travel, Photographic Travel is a true trendsetter, which conveys the views of in-depth travel. It is a leading brand that photography and travel enthusiast cannot miss!