June issue of Original Magazine published my interview across 10 pages including some of the best images from my portfolio. I’m really happy that domestic audience has the chance to read about my work in so many various publications and this really motivates me in my work regarding photography.

About Original Magazine
Original Magazine is a publication of “Nedeljnik” which is a weekly newsmagazine published in Belgrade, Serbia. Since October 2012 “Nedeljnik” has been published by an independent group of journalists, who are also the magazine’s founders.

Initially, “Nedeljnik” was published as a weekly supplement to the Press daily newspaper, recording sales of 100,000 copies per edition. Following its independence from Press, “Nedeljnik” has quickly reached the first place among the news magazines in Serbia. Its current circulation is between 25,000 and 30,000 copies, while it sells around 20,000 copies.

It is the only newsmagazine in Serbia registered at the Audit Bureaux of Circulations (ABC) Serbia, which verifies and reports facts about circulations of publications and the related data.

The publishers of “Nedeljnik” consider its primary audience to be urban and educated people. There is particularly large popularity/interest for the interviews with the world leaders/influencers, which have been, for years, ignored in Serbia.

“Nedeljnik” published interviews with Lech Walesa, Noam Chomsky, Steve Forbes, Michael Bloomberg, Carla del Ponte, Romano Prodi, and similar. Nedeljnik also interviewed the most influential Serbian politicians and intellectuals.