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The Luxury Collection, Montenegro is delighted to present the works of the world famous extreme photographer Predrag Vučković. Vučković has photographed over 350 different sport events in more than 60 countries around the world and has created a worldwide reputation for capturing extreme sports and the magic of movement. Peđa is an all-rounder when it comes to sport photography. He also specializes in underwater photography and his style and approach to modern photography is what separates him from his competition. He is one of the few international photographers officially appointed by Red Bull – which allows him to take pictures of some of the most extreme competitions known to man. Owing to his rich experience in extreme sports, he is permitted to visit places which are usually considered out of bounds for regular people.

The successful career started out as a hobby which then turned into a profession. Simply, the adrenaline, and the ability to perform stunts that other people could not, always pushed him further into the extreme and the unexplored. He was a pioneer of many extreme sports in former Yugoslavia, which means that he has a special view of life. Underwater photography has a special place in his artistic creation, since he perceives the underwater world as a universe in itself. It is an environment in which Vučković feels safe, relaxed, and particularly inspired.
His recent expedition to Antarctica was one of the most difficult adventures and photo shoots in his career. The very thought of spending 35 days at -30°C in an ordinary tent without any normal living conditions speaks for itself. Add constant physical activity in a very extreme environment in order to keep warm and you have a completely new level of rigor and self-preservation. In Kamchatka, a famous Russian base jumper performed a jump from the active Mutnovsky volcano – from 2,323 meters.

Visiting truly intact nature and snowboarding on the edges of active volcanoes are just a part of Peđa’s incredible life of photography and adventure. Of course, one of the most special projects in Peđa’s career is Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space known as ‘The Red Bull Stratos’. Felix was the first person to break the sound barrier during free-fall from the height of 39 km. The entire crew spent one year in preparation for this event, during which two test jumps were performed – the first from 21 km, and the second from 29 km. The knowledge that he played a part in something that will forever be written in history makes Peđa proud – while pushing his boundaries and creating a special approach to all future goals he sets for himself. Today, an important segment of his photography is based on extreme canyoning – one of the youngest extreme sports with growing popularity around the globe and in the region. Canyoning implies going through canyons deep below the mountains – through fascinating and intact nature – crossing natural obstacles such as waterfalls, cascades, and natural pools. Water is a common element for diving and canyoning, which means that the manner of photographing is similar, even though the environment is different. Montenegro and its numerous canyons, Peđa says, make this country a very attractive destination for this activity.

Each visit, he is more and more inspired by Montenegro’s natural wonders, and can hardly wait to come back and discover new localities – sometimes unknown even to the local residents. Peđa, a remarkable person and professional, concludes that “there are no limits to photography”. This is why each environment that he visits and each sport that he partakes in can be recorded through photography, thus ensuring that the most beautiful and most important moments are preserved forever. This is how we, the ‘ordinary people’ can experience this wonderful world around us, through his photographs.

Text: Jovana Medenica
Photographs: Predrag Vučković


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