It is always a pleasure to work with unique athletes, and among those for sure is Veso Ovcharov. One of the world’s best Akro Paragliding flyers has visited Belgrade just to work on this photoshooting. Fun time during the day and fantastic photographs were the only goal of our meeting. At this moment we only did portraits and lifestyle photographs, but our friendship will bring more interesting action photoshooting projects in the future which will remain top secret for now. It is for certain that you will be hearing much more about this amazing extreme sports athlete.


Veso Ovcharov was born at September 23, 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is professional paragliding pilot and the first Bulgarian Red Bull athlete. He started flying professionally at the age of 23 and taking part in World Cups Acro, Cross Country competitions, various Acrobatic shows and demonstrations. Veso is known as the first Bulgarian pilot mastering the Infinity thumbing and holder of second biggest record 249 turns in Peru, 2011.

During the last 5 years he is involved in many international projects and one of his latest show-stopping adventures involves a Search project in Africa, Project for World altitude record attempt in Pakistan and World Record for most infinity tumblings in the air in Nepal; a project, in which Veso flies alongside with four times World Paragliding Champion – Horacio Lorens.
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