With a focus on nature, Montenegro from a Different Perspective: 100 Most Amazing Locations presents the landscapes of an unspoiled European paradise in all their variety and color. Featuring subjects that range from well-known favorites to hidden gems, each vibrant photograph is a revelation, unveiling a completely fresh view of a country that is still off the tourist track and largely undiscovered.

Within a small surface area, Montenegro packs in a world of contrasts: pristine lakes, a dazzling Adriatic coastline, rugged mountain vistas and a wealth of historic castles, churches and citadels – all of which evolve dramatically as the seasons change. Nature in Montenegro remains wild and untouched, and photographer Predrag Vučković devoted five years to capturing the sheer magic of the country’s natural landscapes for Montenegro from a Different Perspective.

Shooting these unique and sometimes inaccessible places required specialized skills and techniques. On land, just getting to remote locations required extensive hiking, climbing and setting up camp in the wild. The book’s breathtaking aerial views were shot from helicopters, airplanes and drones. Still other pictures are the result of Vučković’s extensive experience as a professional underwater photographer.

And while he often trekked out alone with his camera, when necessary Vučković assembled a large support team in order to attain a single perfect image. In all cases, the published photographs represent the landscapes as the photographer found them – the astonishing colors captured by his camera are real and reflect the true wonder of a little-known land.

It took a professional with the skills of Vučković to bring these marvels to light. For over two decades, the Belgrade native has specialized in shooting extreme sports, photographing some of the world’s best athletes and biggest celebrities in demanding conditions. His personal discoveries in Montenegro inspired him to use a completely different style of photography to share these extraordinary natural views with a wide audience.

The first volume in Vučković’s continuing passion project, Montenegro from a Different Perspective is available in both English and Montenegro’s national language, and its generous yet practical size makes it a truly packable souvenir. This exclusive book is available online at www.montenegrobook.com for shipping worldwide, as well as at select Montenegro hotels. It can also be ordered in a limited-edition gift box, crafted of aged wood.

Montenegro from a Different Perspective is a very special book – the perfect present for anyone who has already experienced Montenegro, or plans to visit this remarkable country in the future.

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