Throughout 2013 I already have confirmed fantastic number of workshops and motivational lectures on different continents of the world. This year’s first workshop was held in Romania’s capital Bucharest as a part of Nikon weekend. Unexpected number of visitors during the two days workshop marked all the photographer’s events who wanted to try something completely different and new. My lecture was titled “Day with Nikon action photographer” and was accompanied with full auditorium and very big interest.

Beacuse of the huge interest for this project and very large number of photographers, the organisers had provided live stream on the internet during this lecture, and the number of viewers online that day was amazing.
During three hours lecture without brake we went through almost all parts of action and extreme sports photography. After that everyone had a chance to try action photography with professional Red Bull trial bike rider Robert Kovacs, who performed unbelievable stuff like jumping and crossing obstacles that were created for that purpose with many possiblities so that photographers could capture the best action moments in this sport.
In cooperation with Red Bull part of obstacles was HAMMER event car which gave to Robert, as well the photographers, totally new dimension when speaking of trial bike ride.
I am very thankful to Nikon Romania for the invitation, and the fantastic organisation and hospitality during this Nikonisti Weekend.
I would also like to thank Red Bull Romania for the great support they have provided for me and every participant during this workshop.
See you again for sure in Romania!