It is my pleasure to announce that the first issue of magazine ELEVATE is here, and that my interview can be found in it. Magazines in the airplanes draw huge attention of passengers while traveling around the globe, hence I’m happy that my portfolio will also be noticed in this official Air Serbia inflight magazine.
Originally founded in 1927 as Aeroput, and rebranded in 1947 as JAT, it is the 8th oldest airline in the world that continues to operate today. On 1 August 2013 the Government of Serbia and Etihad Airways entered into an agreement for the Abu Dhabi-based airline to purchase a 49% stake in the Serbian airline. It soon became clear that JAT was about to be transformed – thanks to the shared vision of its shareholders and the support of all employees – into something truly special: Air Serbia, the new national airline of Serbia.
With regular services to an increasing number of destinations, a growing fleet of first-class aircraft, a global network of partners and increasing passenger numbers and revenue, Air Serbia is proving its worth as the successor of the JAT heritage. This new magazine “Elevate” is here to mark the new times ahead of us and hopefully the passengers will enjoy reading this dual language magazine on their flights.


After adrenaline, underwater bliss Predrag Vučković is a man who exposes himself to risks on a daily basis in order to convey the drama of extreme sports through his photographs, and he finds his own peace in the depths of the underwater world.
Professional photographer Predrag Vučković, a Serbian who distinguishes himself from most photographers thanks to his extensive experience in extreme sports and his ability to reach places others would find unavailable. His tale started out as a hobby that later became a profession. Adrenalin and the possibility to do something others can’t provide the driving forces that help him push the boundaries of photography. He specialised in photographing extreme sports and underwater scenes, earning him a job as the international photographer for Red Bull, which allows him to take pictures of some of the most dramatic competitions in the world, since the company is well known for organizing and sponsoring competitions in extreme skills.
– My love for photography started when I was a child. I always carried a small camera that my elder brother gave me – Vučković said. – I loved taking pictures of anything that seemed important, capturing every important moment and arranging photos in albums, so I would always be able to remember everything I’ve lived through. Photography continued to fascinate me as I was growing up and I took my camera everywhere I went. In the ten years since he became an official photographer, Vučković has taken photos of over 350 different sporting events in over 60 countries. His style and approach to modern photography make him unique.


– Every project is specific and important to me in its own way – he reveals. – If I had to choose just a few, then it would definitely be jumping from the edge of space, jumping into an active volcano on Kamchatka and jumping off the highest cliff in Antarctica. Vučković spends a lot of time in the air. He’s visited a large number of extraordinary and unbelievable locations and brought back memorable photographs.
– The Photographs from every journey represent a unique story, so it’s impossible to just choose one. Many remind me of the locations I worked in or places I’ve travelled to, the people I’ve met, all these details that I somehow still remember. If I had to pick only one trip, it would be the expedition to Kamchatka with an amazing athlete and my personal friend, Russian Base jumper Valery Rozov – Vučković emphasised.

Vučković is also famous as an underwater photographer, which he does in his free time and which has also brought him renown in the Balkans and beyond. – Underwater photography is the most important aspect of my art. I’ve been a professional diver for twenty years. For me, the underwater world is like a different universe, an environment in which I feel relaxed and at peace, and one which inspires me. It’s become unthinkable for me to dive without a camera – the maestro pointed out. In the ten years since he became an official photographer, Vučković took photos of over 350 different sports events in over 60 countries.

However, the story doesn’t end here. He also partakes in extreme canyoning and has managed to connect all of his loves. – Diving and canyoning have the presence of water in common, so the principles of photography are similar. The only thing that’s different is the environment – Vučković stated, adding: – My goal is to capture all the important moments of sports that viewers know nothing about, in a way that captures their spirit. Through his photos, Vučković proves that his job has no limits. He’s constantly on the move, searching for incredible people and undiscovered places, capturing their essence in a flash…

Words: Jelena Trajković
Photography: Predrag Vučković