I can proudly share info about another one of my photographs that is published within Magura’s X-Line Handlebar commercial material. The picture of Chris Pfeiffer world stunt champion, which I shot in Sri Lanka, made it as a main photo for this campaign.

Anyone who has seen multi World Stunt Champion – Chris Pfeiffer in action on a motorcycle needs to have their mouth surgically closed afterwards. The array of tricks and the lack of gravitational respect may be entertaining to those who do not ride a motorcycle but represent a level of impossibility only understood by those who ride a bike.
Chris has one main point of interaction with his motorcycle – whether he be sitting, hanging or floating the main input is through the handlebar. Due to his long term association with MAGURA and his love affair with the X-line Handlebar range we asked Chris to help us develop a Bar especially to meet his specific needs. One of the main aims was to have a handlebar which Chris Pfeiffer could use on his full range of motorcycles. So here it is a Stunt, Enduro, Motocross, Road and Trials Handlebar produced with the best aircraft specification aluminium alloy tested to the limit in the lab and on the motorcycle. This Handlebar meets the highest standards set by MAGURA for professional motorcycle motorsport and is manufactured using our unique and patented X-line Production Process.

Over 70 years and 3 million handlebars of Experience go into every one of our X-line Bars. Thank you for purchasing this product we hope it gives you many hours of riding pleasure. Thanks to Chris Pfeiffer for his valued input and for being so happy with the end result that he signed his name on it!!!
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