National Geographic is worldwide renowned brand and I’m delighted everytime I see my photos published inside this magnificent magazine. This time it’s a special pleasure to see my personal photography story including my portfolio picture published in December’s issue of National Geographic Serbia. I am very grateful for that.


Predrag Pedja Vuckovic, a world renowned photographer, is one of a dozen who have the privilege of shooting for Red Bull in almost impossible conditions, as well as to document the events of all extreme sports. In addition, the world’s attention is focused on each new Predrag’s project and through his work he represent Serbia in the best way.

1. What could you tag as a crucial moment that has introduced you into the world of photography?
It is difficult to answer this question because I’m into photography nearly all my life. What I surely know is that I have always tried to watch the world with different eyes which is probably one of the most important reason for many photos that I used to be make and that I make today.

2. Whether and how through your lens do you see the human impact on the climate and the environment?
Working for many years around the globe I noticed that a lot has changed. Looking through the lens the cities that I visited earlier I definitely realized that they were no longer the same. Under the influence of global climate people change and addapt to certain periods of the year, during which they can not be completely sure weather they will find snow in the mountains or the sun will be shining and the grass will be green. Therefore planning my photographic journey is different, starting with the selection of photographic equipment to the clothing and transportation.

3. You are filming in extreme conditions and decide in seconds from the ground as well as from water and air. What is the most inspiring thing?
When we speak of adrenaline it is difficult to say what is most inspiring because differences in my case are incredibly small. Each of these areas causes its share of photographic inspiration and adrenaline. Air and height are much more connected with the speed and fractions of a second while shooting from airplanes and helicopters, while the water and underwater photography evoke some peace and require much slower way of shooting.
If I had to choose, I would have chosen water as extraordinary inspiration just because it’s much harder to control such a shooting. No water wave or water droplets will ever happen again so that they are identical in form, and therefore with each camera triggering you will be able to produce original and unique photograph.