My photography “HIGHLANDER” journey for this year started on Stara Planina in Serbia. Through this event we definitely saw what one HIGHLANDER really offers because we had literally everything.

We started the first day with heavy rain that fell 24 hours a day (not light rain … heavy, heavy rain) which opened all existing and non-existent rivers and waterfalls. On the one hand this was a truly unique spectacle while on the other hand you can only imagine our participants in such conditions. The first very demanding night but a morning with beautiful sun so everyone was able to dry off!

Next two days turned into an absolutely natural spectacle where black clouds, thunder, lightning mingled together with the sun fighting for its place. The great reward certainly came in the morning of the last day with the sun and completely blue sky followed us all the way to the finish line. The participants of HIGHLANDER SERBIA have definitely experienced the real emperors of HIGHLANDER, and in the end, they really did!

From my perspective HIGHLANDER Serbia was definitely one of the most demanding events, but from a photographic perspective, it will probably remain unsurpassed for a long time! We all definitely enjoyed it because “HIGHLANDER ADVENTURE OF A LIFE TIME” it really is!


The unique event during which hikers and true nature lovers have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful parts of Stara Planina in Serbia and cross paths of 100, 46 or 24 kilometers ended on June 15, 2022 in Temska. 400 participants from our country and from abroad stayed on the mountain and had the opportunity to visit the most beautiful parts of this nature park.

The participants started from Cabin Sub peak for the HIGHLANDER challenge, 100 km long, lasting five days, and HIGHLANDER 55, 46 km long, which can be completed in three days. This year, for the first time, the HIGHLANDER EXPERIENCE weekend route, 24 kilometers long, was presented for recreationalists and is most suitable for beginner enthusiasts as well as families with older children, with one night’s sleep under the stars. They started at the same time from Zavojsko lake, more precisely from Velika Lukanja. At one point, the participants of all three events met at a checkpoint in the mountain lodge in Dojkinci, which is managed by the Pirot Tourist Organization, a long-term partner of this event.

The participants crossed the path, which in the first stage led to the village of Topli Do, a symbol for the protection of rivers and a gathering place for nature protection activists. Participants encountered control points every 15 to 20 kilometers where they registered. The stretch includes the most beautiful peaks of Stara Planina: Tri čuke (1,938m), Kopren peak (1,963m) and the path continues towards the attractive Ponor bay. Part of the trail stretches along the border with Bulgaria. Walking through the most beautiful part of Stara Planina with a view from a height of 1,600 to 1,800 m, the participants come across the Kopren plateau where the Three Kladenca water source is located, known for its water temperature of 6°C. The trail continues to the village of Dojkince, where there is a mountain lodge. In the environment of the mountain lodge, accompanying programs were yoga, massage, and an entertainment program. Then, the stone village of Gostuša, an open-air museum that preserves from oblivion the old way of life, customs and living in harmony with nature. The HIGHLANDER adventure ended in the village of Temska on the Temštica river at the Krivi Vir excursion site. All participants were provided with food, water, support from the Mountain Rescue Service, medical team, as well as organized places for camping. This year, in the first stage, the participants were faced with unprecedented weather conditions, rain, hail, storm.

The HIGHLANDER event essentially offers a safe environment for participants where they can test their abilities and endurance, develop solidarity and friendship on the trail as well as cultivate respect for nature through getting to know its beauty and temperament and harmonizing the relationship with it.


The HIGHLANDER franchise was created in 2017 in the Severni Velebit and Paklenica national parks in Croatia and soon spread all over the world. In the untouched nature of countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, HIGHLANDER adventures are a meeting place for mountaineers from all over the world, eager for extraordinary experiences.

There you can meet like-minded people from the entire region, but also beyond, and after you overcome the adventure in your country and become part of the great HIGHLANDER community, maybe the next challenge awaits you already in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, but also in Egypt, France, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, UK, USA or the United Arab Emirates!